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The Reset Addiction Treatment Helpline

A National Leader in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

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Therapy and treatment plan specially tailored for you.


We'll provide a safe environment for you to feel free to open up and share your fears and concerns

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You're not alone so you don't have to take this path to recovery on your own.

The first step is to admit you have a problem.

Thousands have trusted us for a safe and comfortable supervised detox from alcohol and drugs.

No matter the substance, how long you misused it, or how devastating the consequences are, we can help you stabilize and start on your road to long-term recovery.

Are you ready to quit drugs and alcohol, reconnect with your loved ones, and begin a new chapter in your life? If so, we can help you detox from drugs and alcohol and transition into a better life in recovery.

We realize that without additional behavioral therapy and services, detox alone is often ineffective. At The Treatment Center, we provide a wide variety of comprehensive programs and services to help you stay clean and sober. We ensure a safe detox with 24-hour medical supervision. To learn more about our drug and alcohol detox center, please call us at 800-586-8085. Our admissions counselors are available 24/7 to answer your questions.


We are a medically supervised adventure-based and holistic drug rehab center that recognizes the requirement for alternative approaches to drug rehabilitation.


How do I pay for treatment?

The good news is with private health insurance your treatment may be 100% covered. Call us, we’ll confidentially call your insurance company for you. No medicare or medicaid accepted. Help is here now! let us help you quit the drinking and the drugs and get your life back.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

We offer a full spectrum of substance abuse treatment services to clients based upon his or her individual needs as assessed through comprehensive evaluations at admission and throughout their participation in the addiction treatment program.

Addiction Education

Learn how to eliminate drugs and alcohol from your life and even get your health insurance cover 100% of the cost for you. Call us now and start a new life today!

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